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Amazing service. Arrived less than an hour after called, at night mind you. Very polite, very professional. Made quick work of a fan motor replacement.

Brian Martin

Came out the day I needed him. Very punctual, very thorough, trustworthy gave home access to my house while we were not there. Great people

Sam Mancuso

Steven is a nice guy! Does great work at a good price, and we will definitely be using Mak Comfort from now on.

Shane Pyle

I think Steve does a wonderful job and he’s trustworthy and I will be preferring him to other people. Thank you.

Naydean Norris

I highly recommend MAK. The owner is one of the best and friendliest people to deal with. Extremely honest and good integrity. If you’re looking for excellent and honest work, MAK is going to be top of the list for service.

Brandon Shaver

Steven is quite literally the best person you could possibly hire for a quick AC repair. He was immediately available, communicative, friendly and fun to be around while working, and steadfast in providing the most efficient and quality work possible. I know ac repairs are stressful, but working with Steven immediately put our minds at ease and it was a huge comfort knowing he would transparently, and kindly give us the best customer service at the best price. It was also awesome that he made sure our ceiling was in great cleanly shape, ready for the paint and speckle folks, before departing. Thankyou for being awesome .

Josh Chipps

Very high quality and timely work. I really recommend using this service.

Korey Evans

My new AC started to not cool the house. It’s hot and every company is busy but Steven was at my house immediately and solved the problem and it was covered under my warranty/maintenance agreement. He had both units purring within an hour. The culprit was a snake wrapped around the motor To the condenser outside. I will continue using this new business as they pride themselves on Professionalism.

Scott A

Had the AC at the house go out Friday night, messaged Steven at 1:35 PM Saturday since we were gone all morning anyway, he was there before 3:30! Want ethical diagnosis of your AC system at an ethical price in a more than reasonable time? Call Steven! He is super professional and kind, will use him every time!

James Presley

Mak Comfort came out quickly and got our ac repaired. they were reasonable and professional. thank you for getting us comfortable again. I will refer mak comfort to friends and family.

Lexi Gunter